Jute rugs australia

Our stylish natural fibre rugs are made from naturally occurring plant and animal materials including wool, cotton, sisal, jute and leather. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, patterns and colours to suit your style and bring a unique look and feel to your home. Wool has been used to weave rugs for centuries and is still a popular choice today. Wool rugs have a soft, dense feel to them and are by far the most luxurious rugs to walk on.

Wool also holds colour better, is more stain-resistant and retains its shape over time.

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If you need a lighter, more portable option, a cotton rug is a great alternative. Rugs Express also stocks a selection of sisal rugs and jute rugs, two options that are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their eco-credentials.

If you are looking for an eco friendly rug, these are two great options. Purchase any rug from us and you receive free shipping Australia wide as well as our day money-back guarantee if you're not completely happy with your new rug. Remember, your beautiful new natural fibre rug is not suitable for open outdoor areas! Please also note that sisal rugs can sometimes vary in colour to our image shown due to it being a natural product. Rugs Express use PayPal's secure payment gateway to ensure you can buy with confidence.

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Alpine Navy Jute cm Round. Alpine Pink Jute cm Round. Alpine Sage Jute cm Round. Alpine Yellow Jute cm Round.

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Amara Barker Bleach Jute Rug. Amara Barker Blue Jute Rug.

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Amara Barker Green Jute Rug. Amara Barker Natural Jute Rug. Amara Barker Navy Jute Rug.

jute rugs australia

Amara Barker Pink Jute Rug. Amara Barker Platinum Jute Rug. Ari Natural Jute Terracotta Rug. Ari Navy Blue Jute Rug. Ari Solid Black Jute Rug. Ari Solid White Jute Rug. Art Black Chevron Jute Rug. Art Diamond Grey Jute Rug. Art Grey Chevron Jute Rug. Art Navy Chevron Jute Rug. Art Pearl Chevron Jute Rug. Ascot Cotton Black Rug. Ascot Cotton Rust Rug.You need to enable Javascript in your browser to use most features on our website. Premium Members. Listing Type.

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Our beautiful jute rugs are perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Lovingly crafted from natural fibre, these rugs can give an earthy, organic feel to your home. If you are looking for rugs online and want to create an insta-worthy, natural space, a Miss Amara jute rug might be just right for you!

As with all of our rugs, shipping is free Australia wide, even our extra large rugs.

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Jute is a natural vegetable fibre grown in tropical climates such as India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar and Pakistan. The fibre itself has a shiny appearance, and when woven into textiles, results in a natural beige, light brown or white colour and a coarser feel underfoot.

This makes jute carpets a popular choice for those looking to incorporate coastal or bohemian vibes into their favourite room.

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In fact, jute rugs are some of the best sellers in our bohemian rug and modern rug collections! Only Miss Amara has the finest quality jute rugs, sourced from all over the world and curated by our expert stylists. Our rugs are shipped to you with unmatched efficiency and care, plus, we offer free deliveryAustralia wide no matter what size rug.

We even have professional stylists on hand to help you choose the right jute rug - all you need to do is send us some pics of your room and we can do the rest! Last but certainly not least, we have a Risk-Free Returns policy, which is pretty unique in the rug world. A jute rug is perfect if you are looking to channel peace, tranquility and natural vibes in your home. These rugs are best suited to light coloured flooring - either wood or carpet - as the natural fibres will shed over time, which can be more noticeable on darker floors.

Layering is also a great option for jute carpets, as the natural, neutral tones can wonderfully complement more bold designs.

In terms of where to put your rug, opt for high traffic areas, as jute rugs are designed to be sturdy and withstand lots of wear and tear! Jute runner rugs are perfect for hallways or more narrow spaces. Ultimately though, how you style your rug is really down to personal choice.

Jute rugs are really versatile and we have lots of different styles to choose from! This includes a gorgeous curated selection of tribal rugsnature rugsround rugs, hallway rugs and more.

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And believe it or not, we also have a whole rainbow of colours to choose from outside of your standard beige rugs or brown rugs. A green rug would be great for a nature themed room, while a blue rug is perfect for an oceanic theme. Scroll up to view the full collection or use the filters on the side to choose your favourite style. Jute and cotton are similar, but not the same. They are both derived from natural fibres, but come from different plants: jute comes from the sturdy stalks of the jute plant, while cotton is derived from the soft padding around the seeds of the cotton plant.

As such, cotton rugs may feel softer to the touch than jute rugs, which have a coarser stiffer feel and are more durable. No, jute and sisal are two different types of natural fibres, although they are similar. Jute rugs are naturally beige or light brown, while sisal rugs are usually a darker brown or coffee colour. Cleaning a jute rug is actually pretty easy! However, as they are a natural fibre rugyou just need to take different steps than you would for a rug made from synthetic material.

It is strongly recommended not to get your jute rugs wet, as excessive water will likely lead to discolouration or mould. Avoid hosing your rug, as well as high-moisture areas and spillages.

The best way to keep your jute rug clean is to regularly vacuum it. This will help to get rid of dirt that can accumulate over time within the jute fibres. Use a strong vacuum suction to get rid of visible dirt. Regular vacuuming is a great idea even when there is no dirt visible - it helps to prevent soil build-up and can increase the life of your rug. You can also combine vacuuming with a dry cleaning powder - just use a stiff bristle brush to work in the powder and vacuum over the top.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Carpet Court has a large selection of rugs to choose from - from traditional to contemporary and in neutrals tones or bold colours.

jute rugs australia

Sustainable jute fibre rugs are constructed from renewable plant sources also used to make hessian and burlap. The largest worldwide production of jute occurs in India with Bangladesh the second largest producer. Featuring a range of bold, bright colours and muted or subtle natural tones, varied patterns, diverse shapes and stylish designs, Atrium Jute are contemporary rugs designed for a luxury finish in quality natural jute fibres.

The Atrium Multi collection offer more jute rugs while others such as the highly popular Urban Flatweaves, Rustic Charm and crowd favourite Abode Diamond contain natural fibres blended with jute.

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Plant-sourced natural jute fibre rugs are renewable, biodegradable rugs which have eco-friendly appeal to the environmentally conscious home maker. Visually, a highly textured jute rug has an earthy, organic appeal which creates a casually elegant vibe in your living areas.

Available in a broad selection of colours, shapes and designs, jute rugs can brighten a space or provide a natural, subtle base for other features in the room, blending seamlessly with diverse interior styles. The natural tones of jute rugs make them perfect for placing beneath other rugs to create an on-trend, layered look.

Hand-woven, round jute rugs found in the Atrium Jute range introduce a softening aspect to your interior design, reducing sharp angles and defining an inviting space in which to relax.

Turquoise could add a splash of colour to your kitchen or dining nook while versatile Polo Bleached will work just about anywhere. They are also reversible, so if stubborn stains do persist, you can simply flip it over for a rug that looks brand new! The plant-based fibres have natural strength and resilience and offer a healthy option for homes with young children.

Regular vacuuming is usually all that is needed to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating in your jute fibre rug. Take care to mop up liquid spills promptly. They should be blotted then cleaned with a dab of water and a clean cloth or soft bristle brush. Wall Panels. Commercial Flooring. Colour Light Neutral Dark.Make your own carpet with durable, natural and trendy just to cope with busy households.

Explore our fantastic product range at Spotlight online today! Rate this product: 3. Rate this product: Rate this product: 7. Rate this product: 1. Spotlight offers a variety of jute rugs in a range of different styles and sizes to suit every need. Our jute rugs feature a variety of weaves and come in natural earth tones, as well as dyed and painted jute rugs that will nicely complement your existing home decor.

Here at Spotlight we offer jute rugs in different shapes and sizes. We have jute rugs made with classic weaves that look simple yet elegant. These are normally available in traditional rectangular shapes and in standard rug sizes that will easily fill up any space. We also offer round jute rugs that feature intricate patterns that are woven, braided, dyed or painted onto the jute material.

These are much smaller than our rectangular jute rugs which make them perfect as accent pieces to highlight a particular spot in a room.

We also have a selection of jute door mats that can help keep your floors clean.

jute rugs australia

Jute rugs have become more popular over the past few years mainly because they are made using eco-friendly materials, and have a unique look and texture to match. Not only are jute rugs easily biodegradable when you're done using them, they are also made out of plants that are easy to grow and are highly sustainable.

In addition to these unique characteristics, jute rugs are also very affordable even in large sizes compared to other types of rugs. Jute rugs are also very low maintenance. They can easily trap any dust, dirt and debris that comes its way. They are also very easy to clean and usually only require a weekly vacuuming even in high traffic areas where there are kids and pets around.

The non-toxic natural fibres that jute rugs are made out of are also very good at repelling dust mites, which make them ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

Jute rugs are normally quite thick which make them very soft and comfortable underfoot. Because of their thickness, jute rugs are very good at minimising noise and vibration as you walk over it or when objects are dropped on them. They are also very good heat insulators and provide you with a warm and cosy surface to walk on even if your floors are cold. Because of its neutral colours, jute rugs are relatively easy to match with different interior designs ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Aside from jute rugs, Spotlight also offers a huge selection of rugs, door mats and hall runners made out of various materials like wool, sheepskin, cow hides, polypropylene and polyester. If you're looking for rugs that you can really sink your feet into, check out our range of shaggy rugs.

These very thick rugs are typically made out of polyester, and are available in a range of solid colours, as well as different prints and patterns that will make any space look more vibrant and more comfortable to lounge around in.

We also have rugs made out of animal hides like sheepskin and cow hides that are extremely soft and plush. Every animal hide rug comes with colours, marks, shapes and sizes that are unique to the animal it was harvested from. If you want your plain floors look a little more interesting, we also offer wool and polypropylene rugs in different designs ranging from modern and abstract to more traditional patterns.

Aside from area rugs, we also have hall runners that are perfect for narrower spaces like hallways, as well as areas blocked by counters or pieces of furniture like in kitchens. Back to Rugs. Jute Rugs Make your own carpet with durable, natural and trendy just to cope with busy households.

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Remove all filters. Filter 0. Daisy Jute Rug.With Color Play, we have expanded the color offerings of three of our bestselling rugs — Braid, Malawi and Sherpa — for a poised yet playful palette previously unexplored within the Classic Collection.

Make every corner count with the Nook Collection of handmade rugs designed to help you master the small space. Handcrafted from natural materials in earthy textures and grounded hues, this versatile suite of accent and area rugs introduces everyday luxury into oft-forgotten parts of the home — from entryways to hallways, kitchens to ensuites, laundries to mudrooms, and more.

Receive VIP access to new collections and personalised tips from our design team to help you organise, redecorate or makeover your home. Master the Small Space with Nook. The Nook Collection. Latest News. The Pineapple Loft by Shapeless Studio. Shapeless Studio are known for harnessing natural light, eco-friendly materials and clean lines into emotionally intelligent homes. Their latest project in Brooklyn is no different, combining two units in a Civil War-era building into an airy apartment.

The Coastal Pavilion by Mim Design. Follow Us. Instagram Facebook Pinterest.

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